Radio Remote Control

Duct-O-Wire Remote Controls with their advanced technological design easily satisfy the requirements of diverse industries. All functions are readily customized to suit YOUR equipment needs.

Duct-O-Wire Remote Controls advanced technology offer the user small, lightweight yet exceptionally robust Transmitters designed to reduce user fatigue, damage, wear and tear. The Receivers also adopt this technology to minimize”on-board” space requirements.

Duct-O-Wire Remote Controls ensure smooth operation under severe environmental conditions, especially where there is likely to be serious frequency interference and large variations in temperature.

On all Duct-O-Wire controls products, switches may be changed for momentary or maintained operations. Additionally, all radio control models may be programmable for different functions. Custom industrial remote control configurations are available. Call us on our toll-free number (800-735-1922) with your needs. No job is too large or small.

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