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Micro-Speed® Smart-Move® (0.5 – 3 HP)

MICRO SPEEDThe Micro-Speed® Smart-Move® series A.C. variable speed drives are your most cost-effective option for upgrading your motor speed controls (up to 3 HP). These miniaturized VFD’s are built with the high demands of crane/hoist systems in mind, but are perfect for any application where precision motor speed control and reliability is required. All 3-phase VAC’s available.

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Smooth-Move® 1 (4 – 10 AMPS)

SMOOTH MOVEThe Micro-Speed® Smooth-Move® Single Speed A.C. soft start, reduced torque control.
Upgrade your crane with smooth starting, reversing, and jogging; as well as more precise spotting and inching. Through the control of all 3 phases for reduced mechanical and motor stress, you can practically eliminate breakage and wear on drive trains, gearing, belts, etc.


BT Series Single Speed (7.5 – 75 AMPS)

OTHER PRODUCTSA.C. electronic control panels for your crane and hoist. Variable speeds, control components, contactors, 105 degree C wiring, fusing, control transformer, overload protection, radar control, bridge, trolley, hoist control, and NEMA enclosures.